Happy New Year NYC!

Order food for your St. Patrick's Day party, or join us on Roosevelt Island for Holiday Specials!

Between Queens and the east Side

What's halfway between Queens and Manhattan? Roosevelt Island and Riverwalk Bar and Grill. Good food, fun people, comfortable settings.

Riverwalk Bar and Grill

Take the F-Train or the Roosevelt Island Tram to enjoy Riverwalk Bar and Grill great food in a comfortable setting in NYC.

Burger Varieties

America's favorite food, the "burger". We've got the Classic, zesty Cuban, fresh Salmon, the country-style Steakhouse and our own Shroomin’ Blue! All burgers served with your choice of Fries!

Baja Fish Tacos

Delicious, healthy and fresh Baja Tacos made with Tilapia, Pica De Gallo, Cilantro, Shredded Lettuce and Avocado.

Friendly, Professional Service

Yin to Express Deli’s yang... Bar & Grill Open at 7am daily and 8am on Sundays

$25 bucks, a Bear and Cornell

$25 bucks, a Bear and Cornell

How Well Do You Know Cornell?

$25 bucks, a Bear and Cornell

Funny and true story about $25 bucks, a Bear and Cornell University

 Techion coming to Roosevelt Island

With Techion coming to Roosevelt Island; we will soon be host to many, many Cornell alumni; and while most people recognize that Cornell’s school colors are red (carnelian actually) and white… did you know the mascot was a bear?

 Cornell’s varsity teams … “the Big Red”

According to Wikipedia: The Cornell Big Red is the informal name of the sports teams, and other competitive teams, at Cornell University. The university sponsors 36 varsity sports, as well as numerous intramural and club teams. Cornell participates in NCAA Division I as part of the Ivy League. A depiction of a bear, and/or the words “Bear” or “Big Red Bear”, often are associated with Cornell activities and services, and varsity athletics.

The name “Big Red Bear” originated in 1916, when the Cornell varsity football team collected $25 to buy a black bear cub, which they named Touchdown, to serve as a mascot.

The name “Big Red Bear” originated in 1916

Over the years, this athletics mascot changed from a live bear to a bear costume, which was worn by Cornell students. For Homecoming 1988, a costumed female Big Red Bear joined the costumed male Big Red Bear. Cornell’s varsity teams are each nicknamed simply “the Big Red”.

Cornell Big Red Bear on Roosevelt Island

 Learn more:  Techion Campus coming to Roosevelt Island 


…a small group of extraordinary candidates 

Breaking News: Applications are now being accepted.

Cornell Now LogoWe are pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for the “beta” class of students in our Cornell Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) program in computer science at Cornell NYC Tech.

http://now.cornell.edu/nyctech/  is looking for a small group of extraordinary candidates to join our inaugural class. The one year program will begin in January 2013. The first incoming class of future tech leaders will help shape the future of the tech campus


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